Colorcard Summer (5 pcs)

  • Multipack of 5 colorcards Summer
  • 32 colors suitable for the seasonal colortype Summer
  • Unique Blendingtool to check whether a color matches the Summer colorharmony
  • Indestructible PVC and fully recyclable
  • creditcard-size
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Handy to carry around and indestructible, with our color card with 32 shades you always have your most beautiful colors at hand. On one side of the color card you will find your 32 most beautiful colors, on the other other side we placed a ‘blending tool’. The blending tool helps you to check whether a color fits your harmony without becoming to rigid. Just put the blending tool on the garment: does the card blend in? Than that color will also work well with your color harmony.

Description of the colorcard Spring


  • All colors corresponding to the Summer color type are perfectly combined with each other.
  • The blending tool gives you even a broader color palette
  • Colors are separated with a white line to prevent color interference

Further specifications:

  • The Color Card Summer is credit card size and thus fits in your wallet
  • Material is indestructible PVC. The card will last your lifetime.
  • The color card contains a total of 32 shades that are ideal for the Summer color type.
  • Finish of the color card is matte, so you will not suffer from sun reflection.

Further information::

Delivery time: We ship within 1 or 2 workdays. You will receive a track&trace code
VAT: All our prices are excluded VAT. During checkout you will recieve the applicable VAT. If you are non-EU, you will pay your local VAT and custom fee at your local postoffice

Sustainability: All materials are produced in the most sustainable way possible. The color cards are produced locally. In addition, the production site creates jobs for people with a distance to the labor market. PVC has been chosen so that the color cards remain beautiful in the wallet for a long time.

End-of-life: The PVC card can be properly recycled by placing the card in the appropriate separate waste bin.


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