who made your materials?

All our materials are ethically made in a social workplace. Our supplies help others to learn the traits of the beautiful art of sewing and tailoring. 

We strive to create maximum value for all who work with our company. We believe that a business is a vehicle of change and is able to impact the lives of others in a positive way. 

A drapekit usually lasts a lifetime. However sometimes you need to replace a drape.

  • Drapes you can switch for a new one. 
  • The old drape will be checked and if possible re-used as a colorswatch.  This will be altered in our social workplace. 

During the selection of the materials we strive to use the best materials out there. We only use materials we can re-use. The selection of the materials is based on the needs of the stylist, durability, re-use options and circular ability. We strive to use all materials in a circular way. Also we strive to use deadstock materials, when possible, we select organic materials. 

Every drape is made with love and care

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